During the pandemic of COVID-19 we were forced to start teaching our classes virtually. We were surprised as to how well the students were doing with this format. We know some people are hesitant to do a virtual class but the truth is there are a lot of benefits to doing it this way.

  • The Online course is included with the virtual class, so you can review the materials before or after each lecture.
  • Our virtual classes start every five weeks
  • There is no travel time.
  • There is no hotel cost.
  • There are no distractions in class.
  • Students are able to take the class two times if needed at no extra cost

Virtual class dates:

Jun 18 Tech Day 1

Jun 25 Tech Day 2

No class July 4 weekend

Jul 9 Tech Day 3

Jul 10 Tech Day 4

Jul 21 Introduction at 7:00 pm

Jul 23 Business and Finance day 1

Jul 24 Business and Finance day 2

Jul 30  Tech Day 1

Aug 6 Tech Day 2

Aug 13 Tech Day 3

Aug 14 Tech Day 4

Aug 18 Introduction at 7:00 pm

Aug 20 Business and Finance day 1

Aug 21 Business and Finance day 2

Aug 27 Tech Day 1

No class Labor Day weekend

Sep 10 Tech Day 2

Sep 17 Tech Day 3

Sep 18 Tech Day 4

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